• Space Station Multiplexer De-Multiplexer - MDM
    The MDM transmits and receives data or commands from the Space Station's main computers, processes signals from station sensors (inputs), sends signals to station effectors (outputs).
  • Space Station Information System - SSIS
    NASA is developing the Space Station Information System (SSIS) to support the information processing and communications needs of the Space Station.
  • Packet Switched Network Simulation
    This simulation provided estimates of network performance (response time and throughput) for proposed system enhancements and introduction of new applications. The results of this study highlighted potential operational deficiencies within the customer's organization.
  • Simulation of a Message Switched Network
    A message switched network may be regarded as a collection of physical circuits interconnected by queuing/routing points called nodes. A message is defined here to be a logical unit of information from the standpoint of the user.
  • RF Communication Network Model
    By developing the simulation model of the RF and host networks, they can show the customer the expected response time as well as what contributing factors may generate bottlenecks. This allows up front application design trade-offs to be made.
  • Network Management Information System Simulation Module
    It provides operators of packet switching networks with traffic and network performance statistics, based on live operational data transmitted to NMIS from network switches.
  • Aloha Packet Radio Network
    The Aloha access scheme is a multi-user channel access scheme. It is a probabilistic scheme that leads, in some instances, to packets overlapping. Any user (or station) that has a packet to send, say to a central station database, transmits it immediately over a radio channel.
  • Simulation of Telecommunication Networks
    This type of simulation assumes that system state changes occur at only discrete points in time, separated by quiescent periods where nothing is assumed to happen.
  • Pan-European Digital Cellular Radio Project
    TRANSIM allows the user to quickly analyze any arbitrary call traffic mix in the GSM-standard network. Users specify parameters using an interactive session created by TRANSIM.
  • Automatic Call Placement Model
    Commonly known as a Predictive Dialer, the model is being used to develop predictive algorithms. The predictive dialer places outbound calls on multiple phone lines, and connects answered calls to live agents.