SIMSCRIPT Solutions - Customer Comments


University of Missouri; St. Louis, MO
"In my opinion, SIMSCRIPT II.5 is preferable to SLAM and GPSS for applications in which a general purpose language is needed to model complex logic and data structures. Its self-documenting feature turned out to be more than advertising hyperbole when I returned to the model after a lapse of six months."
TANDEM Computers; Cupertino, CA
"SIMSCRIPT II.5 is helping us to significantly reduce the cost of provisioning new product introductions with spares."
Seven Oaks International; El Paso, TX
"SIMSCRIPT II.5 has allowed me to concentrate on the model without having to concern myself with the mechanics of making the model run. It is a pleasure to work with."
NCR Corporation; Rancho Bernardo, CA
"Being an Industrial Engineer and not a programmer, I found SIMSCRIPT II.5 easy to use and flexible enough to model whatever I wanted to."
Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos, NM
"FacSim achieves a level of accuracy in facility description that probably could not have been achieved with a language lacking SIMSCRIPT II.5's general purpose programming capabilities and its simulation support features such as the process."
System Rockwell International; Chicago, IL
"SIMSCRIPT II.5's English-like appearance and world-view assists the modeler in making the correspondence necessary between the elements of the model and the concepts in communications network models."
Battelle Memorial Institute; Columbus, OH
"Equipment interactions are easily observed when viewed by graphical means."
Logistics Management Institute; Bethesda, MD
"You can generate a complex simulation and give a briefing with SIMGRAPHICS."
Jenn-Air Company; Indianapolis, IN
"By using the model, we were able to reduce the direct labor involved and increase productivity by 20%."
Acco Babcock; Frederick, MD
"Simulation helps to determine system bottlenecks, problems with routing options and number of AGVs required to service the system."
U.S. Army Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate BDM International; Alexandria, VA
"We have used BULLET to analyze ammunition re-supply for cannon artillery and rocket/missile units."


Rolls Royce; London, England and CACI Advanced Simulation Lab
"As someone who has spent the past 16 years trying desperately to maintain and develop the predecessor to MEAROS, the biggest benefit to me is that I can now get on with other things, safe in the knowledge that this model is well documented, professionally written, and easy to maintain."


Duke Power Company; Charlotte, NC
"Allowed us the develop an application that did not previously exist in the industry. We searched for, but found no commercial product to meet our needs."
Taylor University; Upland, IN
"The simulation stands out because of the multiple user, real-time interface. It was run in a training mode for about 25 business students and found to be addicting for those with a competitive personality."
Carl Sandburg College; Carthage, IL
"I like working with SIMSCRIPT II.5. In addition to being a nice illustration of the simulation, I found that the use of the graphics was very valuable in letting me see how my algorithms were functioning (not very well at the beginning). Without the graphics, it would have been difficult to know whether the operation of the program was proper."
CACI Advanced Simulation Lab; La Jolla, CA
"The graphics display promotes understanding of the results to non-technical managers."
Bank of America; San Francisco, CA
"Prior to this effort, no comparable tool for analysis and planning was available."
U.S. Air Force, AF/DPXA; Washington, DC
"Running the model has helped us develop a 5 year promotion plan for Non-line categories."
National Search and Rescue Secretariat, Bureau of Management Consulting, and WATMINS Research Group; Ottawa, Ontario
"SIMSCRIPT II.5 was chosen primarily because of its ability to handle the model design which contains extensive use of logic and advanced data structure concepts."


CACI Advanced Simulation Lab; La Jolla, CA
"By developing SimForce with SIMSCRIPT II.5, I was able to create an application that gives the end user the ability to perform force-on-force analyses without writing a single line of code."
Center of Aerospace Analysis; Colorado Springs, CO
"The source code is essentially self-documenting."
U.S. Army Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate BDM International; Alexandria, VA
"We have used PC-TAFSM to analyze the firepower effectiveness of the Howitzer Improvement Program (HIP)."


United Technologies, Advanced Systems; San Diego, CA
"SIMSCRIPT II.5 has provided us with the basic simulation constructs and utilities for building our own simulation construction system."
Naval Ocean Systems Center; San Diego, CA
"The readability of the SIMSCRIPT II.5 code makes it easier for new people to join the programming team."
Science Application International Corporation; Annapolis, MD
"The compatibility of SIMSCRIPT II.5 across hardware platforms has enabled us to rehost to faster machines at a low cost."