Software Technology Resource Analysis System II - STRAS II

U.S. Army Concepts Analysis Agency, Joint Electronic Warfare Center, U.S. Army Material Test and Evaluation, The Aerospace Corp

The Software Technology Resource Analysis System II (STRAS II) is a knowledge-base simulation tool for modeling computer-based system architectures, including both hardware and software, to predict computer resource utilization and response times.

STRAS II is designed so the user can model the system through the use of a highly structured input format. This ease of input combined with a wide variety of both tubular and graphic reports, provides a powerful capability for evaluating computer systems from conception through operational implementation.

STRAS II possesses the knowledge base to simulate ground support and space vehicle data processing complexes, or any computer-based system. Some of the STRAS II knowledge-base features for simulating various aspects of computer systems are:

  • User-selected virtual memory management, paging environment
  • User-selected real-time processing environment
  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Input/output date management; physical/logical and concurrent processing
  • User-selected re-entrant and concurrent processing code
  • System software (operating system) services overhead
  • Priority-driven processes