Reed-Soloman Card Modeling

NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, MD

The Reed-Soloman Card project required the simulation of the Reed-Soloman Printed Circuit board (R-S PC board). The simulation was required to understand the bottlenecks, hardware/software relationships and data flows in various pipelines of the R- S PC board.

SIMSCRIPT II.5 was used along with SIMGRAPHICS to visually analyze the performance of the R-S PC board. The modeling enabled us to isolate design problems and helped us understand our design better.

SIMSCRIPT II.5 was also for PC board data flow modeling. The model was used to indicate which mode the board was in and to identify buffer and FIFO fill status.

Alternatives Considered: FORTRAN, C

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: The ability to visually analyze data flows, to model multiple events happening at the same time, easy to learn, use, and understand.

Customer Quote: SIMSCRIPT II.5 has allowed me to identify the pros and cons in my system design before implementing the system. It also helped us to better understand the dynamics of the data flow through the board and helped us to optimize the board software.