Multi-Host Distributed Data Processing Network

General Electric, Space Systems Division; King of Prussia, PA

A multi-host distributed processing network is modeled to determine expected system response time for handling approximately 72 million daily user transactions. Once the response time is determined, the model is used to examine methods of improving the response time by optimizing hardware/software allocations among terminal clusters, interface units, front and/or backend processors, and host CPUs. Also, the model is used to study the how many tasks the users of this system will be able to accomplish in a given period of time and to investigate, through the model, equipment and procedures that might increase throughput of the user workstations and the system.

Alternatives Considered: Other simulation languages

Benefits of SIMSCRIPT II.5: The ease of maintaining SIMSCRIPT II.5 and the diversity of the applications it can efficiently model.

Customer Quote: "Benchmark tests indicate an order of magnitude decrease in CPU time with SIMSCRIPT II.5 over the currently implemented simulation language. This program looks forward to a long and happy relationship with SIMSCRIPT II.5."