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To help developers who would like to transition from MODSIM III to Object Oriented Simulation Language SIMSCRIPT III, developed and supported by CACI, CACI has developed MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III semiautomatic language converter.

SIMSCRIPT III is a new Modular Object-Oriented Simulation Language. It is an upgraded version of CACI widely used simulation language SIMSCRIPT II.5. Upgrades include modularity and object-oriented concepts, available in MODSIM III. SIMGRAPHICS graphical elements (dialog boxes, icons, graphs, palettes, menu-bars) developed for MODSIM III are reusable under SIMSCRIPT III simulation graphics package. MODSIM Models converted from MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III run 25% to 50% faster on the same computer platform. SIMSCRIPT III runs on 64-bit computer platform providing very large address space for very large simulation models.

Automatic/Semi-automatic conversion tool from MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III is designed to help you to convert your models written in MODSIM III to the new O-O SIMSCRIPT. Most models will be automatically converted from MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III. Only models that use 3-D SIMGRAPHICS and some very specific MODSIM III concepts like PROTOs will need additional manual coding.

Conversion from MODSIM III to SIMSCRIPT III would be successful, because these simulation languages have similar concepts and use the same SIMGRAPHICS. CACI professionals can provide help during the conversion process if you decide to do the conversion process yourself, or CACI can perform the whole conversion process for you.

In order to estimate the effort necessary for the conversion process, we need the following information about the MODSIM application you are considering for conversion:

Company Name:
Point of Contact Name:

1. Is it written in MODSIM II or MODSIM III?


2. Does your model use SIMGRAPHICS?
Yes No

3. If SIMGRAPHICS is used, is it 2-D or 3-D graphics, or both?
2-D 3-D Both

4. Is data-base-connectivity (ODBC) used?
Yes No

5. Is High Level Architecture (HLA) interface used?
Yes No

6. Is your application using some other software libraries/products?
Yes No

7. How many lines of MODSIM source code does the application have (approximately)?

8. On which platform is it currently running? (PC Windows 2000, NT, Linux, Solaris?)

9. Is it confidential or can it be sent to CACI for conversion?
Yes No

10. What is the time frame when you would need the converted application to be operational?

11. Do you have software developers from your company who know MODSIM and would be able to take part in the conversion process? How Many?

12. Do you have software developers who could take part in testing the converted product?

13. Please provide the name, area of application and a short description of your model:

We look forward to working with you,

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