SIMSCRIPT III Integrated Development Tools are used world wide for building object oriented, modular, portable, high-fidelity, large-scale simulation and modeling applications with excellent interactive graphical user interfaces and animated graphics.

Typical SIMSCRIPT III applications include: telecommunications, network analysis, transportation, manufacturing, inventory control, health care, military operations, war-gaming and logistics planning.

SIMSCRIPT III® has been used by thousands of organizations world-wide, like: FAA, US Army, Air Force, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Rolls Royce, Canadian National Research Council, Canadian Railways, etc.

SIMSCRIPT III® is an easy-to-use and powerful object-oriented, modular, simulation language with English-like syntax. In addition to the standard features of the general-purpose object-oriented high-level languages, it provides a timing mechanism and concurrent process management. Features like: classes, objects with concurrent activities, entities, attributes, sets, events, processes and resources facilitate an easy mapping of real-world physical processes to computer based simulation models. User-defined objects can be dynamically instantiated, their activities can be scheduled and destroyed during a simulation run. They represent components of a real-world system being modeled. Their properties are defined by object attributes, while their methods and process-methods capture their behavior. Process-methods run concurrently, they can activate or interrupt each other and can be queued for limited resources. As simulation time progresses, statistical measures of changing quantities, such as queue lengths can be automatically collected and reported. During simulation run, a number of checkpoints can be created and simulation can be restarted from any one of them, facilitating multiple what-if scenarios.

Multiple inheritance facilitates building hierarchical objects which inherit properties object attributes and methods from multiple base objects. Modular structure of the model simplifies design, code reuse, and model maintenance.

SIMSCRIPT III® has built-in graphical capabilities that allow representation of objects by animated icons.
Graphical icons are created off-line with Icon Editor, or by importing JPG images. Users can create realistic graphical representations by displaying a geographical map, airport or factory layout in a background, while objects are displayed in a foreground. Input parameters can be interactively entered through dialog boxes, while the model variables can be displayed dynamically, by using line or bar graphs, trace plots, pie charts, dials, and level meters. SIMSCRIPT III supports both 2-D and 3-D graphical animation.

Input or output of the model can be stored in a database.
SIMSCRIPT III® provides SDBC (SIMSCRIPT Data Base Connectivity) APIs for major database systems on the market: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, IMB DB2 and IBM Informix.

SIMSCRIPT III® models are portable across a variety of platforms.
They are also open, and can easily be interfaced with libraries written in C/C++,FORTRAN or Java, or middleware for distributed simulation like HLA RTI, etc.

SIMSCRIPT III® simulation models are built using SIMSCRIPT III® Simulation Studio, an integrated programming development environment, which includes all the necessary tools for building non-graphical and graphical simulation models:

  • SIMSCRIPT III® Compiler and Symbolic Debugger
  • Graphical Editors for Icons, Graphs and Dialog Boxes
  • Syntax Color Coded Text Editor
  • SDBC - SIMSCRIPT III® Data Base Connection
  • Automatic Project Builder and Help System
  • Statistical Package
  • On-Line Programming Manuals

SIMSCRIPT III® software package is fully supported worldwide by the CACI Advanced Simulation Lab. It includes software updates, training, and technical support. Jump-start model building consultations are also available from experienced simulation specialists. CACI has been the leading simulation solutions provider for more than 50 years.

SIMSCRIPT III® Simulation Development Studio

SIMSCRIPT III® Network Simulation GUI