SIMSCRIPT III Product Features


SIMGRAPHICS refers to the graphics extensions to the SIMSCRIPT III language. Using the interactive editors from the Simstudio, the user describes off-line the appearance of graphs, icons and forms that can subsequently be used by a SIMSCRIPT program. This capability makes it simple for a program to present graphical displays of data, show animated images of the objects in the model, and obtain interactive input from the user of the program using mouse-based menus and forms.

Presentation Graphics
Values in your program are graphed on demand or automatically as they change. Several types of graphs are available including line graphs, bar graphs, trace plots, pie charts, dials and level meters. A graphical display of statistics, which is updated as the simulation progresses, greatly enhances the understanding of the system under study and speeds your analysis. You can see changes in the utilization of resources in your model while the simulation is running instead of waiting for post-run analysis.

A graphical image, called an icon, may be associated with an object or entity. It may appear motionless on the screen or may be given a velocity that causes it to be animated. With this capability, it is possible to graphically display the objects of the model as they move through the system and interact with one another. This also improves the understanding of the model and is a very useful debugging tool.
The SIMSCRIPT III forms capability simplifies the development of an effective user-interface for a mouse-based window environment. The toolkit for the programmer includes pull-down menus, scrolling lists, radio buttons, value fields, pop-up menus, tabbed dialog boxes, palettes, etc. Automatic validation of input values is provided and may be selectively enhanced by the programmer.