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SIMSCRIPT II.5 - Tutorials:

The following on-line tutorials are designed to help Simscript users become familiar with the new development environment and implemented improvements. On-line tutorials are created as a "show-me" on-line help. The following tutorials are available:

Shows how to create a new project in Simstudio.
Shows how to set and modify project build parameters in Simstudio using "project options" menu
Shows how to organize source code into hierarchical directory structure.
Shows how to import source code into existing project and update project source code directory structure ("project tree").
Shows how to create an icon using Icon Editor from the Simstudio.
Shows how to import icon in JPEG format as an icon in SIMSCRIPT project.
Shows how to setup DB manager and ODBC driver in order to use Simscript Data Base Connectivity on PC Windows's environment.
Shows network editor example program, available in SIMSCRIPT distribution to jump start building SIMSCRIPT applications that use nodal networks. Users can modify and use this source code for developing their applications.
SIMSCRIPT II.5 - Tutorials
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